Throughout my studies and professional work I have acquired and mastered diverse skills that have made me a proficient, motivated and creative art educator.  After earning a Bachelor of Arts Education Degree from The University of Kansas, I have taught Art in the United States, Korea, Angola, Thailand and Venezuela.   I believe that Art instruction should be a positive and stimulating experience.  Art enables students to perceive, interpret and evaluate life’s experiences in a way unique to each of them.  Art lessons should promote art appreciation through connections in art history, looking and talking about art, as well as art production.  I develop lessons that connect with the student’s lives, promote positive self-concept and allow them to explore other cultures.

I have over 8 years experience as an art instructor to students in various settings: private and public schools, after-school activities, home tutoring, art center, nursing homes and volunteer work at Isaacs Children’s Home in Korea.  My experience includes teaching art to students of different levels and abilities:  gifted, special needs, handicap, at-risk youth and the elderly.  I am AP certified and have taught AP Studio Art.  I have participated in Art Education workshops in Belgium, Mexico, Ghana, United States and an IB-MYP Art workshop in China. 

I enjoy learning about the history of art, looking at art, thinking about art and creating art.  My medium of choice is oil paint but as a teacher and life-long learner I am always exploring new possibilities for a creative outlet.  My background and training have provided me with a solid commitment to both the arts and teaching.