This year the school that I am teaching at went Halloween crazy with decorations and a huge costume party. So when I introduced the holiday Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) it was no surprise to have the students confuse it with Halloween. I printed out a page of information on Halloween and a page on Dia de los Muertos and had my 8th graders fill out a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting the two holidays. Then I had them create family portraits with all their family members as skeletons. I explained that it is a holiday that focuses on the gatherings of family and friends to remember friends and relatives who have passed away. Their portraits were to be happy as if at a celebration and not dark and spooky. The students added individual details to their family members such as hair style and clothing. Some also added family pets as skeletons as well. When they finished with their drawings they put their portraits in a frame. A nice touch was adding their family names to their artworks such as “The Marquez Family.” We put them in the entrance of the school in an “alter” display which included flowers, tissue paper cuttings, fake food, candles, bread and a sugar skull. We also added the Venn diagram to explain how two holidays compare.