guitar collage guitar collage collage lesson plan 

Draw–> Collage–> Paint

This art activity includes three sequential art lessons. The first lesson consists of a number of contour line drawings of a simple six string guitar. The second includes opportunities to look at and discuss collages made by Picasso (Three Musicians.) The young artist will use paper scraps, cardboard, yarn and their contour drawings to create a collage. After it dries or is partially dry then it can be worked on with additional drawing or painting (part three.)

This three part lesson allows the student to work back into a project to transform it into a new work of art. Some students will benefit from this process because they may feel that they will destroy their work if they cut into their drawings or paint on their collage. It is an excellent way to push them to add to and manipulate their artwork.

The young artists know that the simple contour drawing can be a finished artwork and so can the collage but those works can also be transformed into another work of art. If the student feels that they have spoiled their artwork during the third lesson, they have the experience of bringing it back to where they are satisfied with the result. The whole process of building on another lesson, pushing it further (even to destruction), layering and making it into what the artist is happy with will benefit any young artist.

The above photographs are from a fourth grade class.