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The art of weaving has been used in every civilization to make clothing, containers, rugs and furniture.  Weaving is the process where natural or synthetic materials are passed over and under each other in a given pattern.  In the classroom students can explore weaving by creating simple paper weavings or more advanced yarn weaving using a cardboard loom.  Younger students can successfully create a paper weaving by alternating paper strips through a paper loom.  After strips are woven through, the ends can be glued to keep them in place.  Students can play around with materials by using strips of wrapping paper, aluminum foil or recycled shopping bags.  The size and shape of the strips can also be varied. 


The history and examples of the craft should be added to enhance the activity.  Kente cloth, Navajo blankets/rugs and basket making are just a few prized examples of the art form.    

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